Facebook Love from U&R Dogs!

Published August 31, 2012 by Cheri Larnia

Hello my readers!

You all know I am quite a chatty person and always write an awfully long blog entry right? XD

However today is your lucky day because for once I am going to cut down on the introduction, just look at the pic!


Did “Hmmm, some wonderful nails and jewelry. I wonder how much they cost!”  appear in your mind after looking at the picture?

Well…I have a lovely surprise for you because it’s TOTALLY FREE! And yes you’re not dreaming 🙂

I was wearing the pink variation of Ottava Nails, L’Olimpiade Necklace and Lovest Pierced Earrings from U&R Dogs!

They have been set aside as the free gifts which you can get upon liking the U&R Dogs facebook page, I have to admit I was quite amazed to hear that Facebook, Secondlife and in-world subscribo groups can actually connect!

Although they are offered as gifts, the jewelry still inherited the good quality and all-round characteristics of U&R Dogs designs. The Lovest Pierced Earrings especially caught my eyes for their unique combination of heart shape and embroidery-like pattern. The Ottava Nails (as seen in my previous post) and the L’Olimpiade Necklace were also designed very delicately.

To get these lovely gifts, simply go to the U&R Dogs blog and follow the instrcutions there. Enjoy!


Jewelry and Nails: U&R Dogs – Facebook Gifts

Hair: [e] – Rumor – brown 08 (Not completely shown on pic)

Eyes – IKON – ’Sunrise’ Eyes – Arabian Blue Light

Skin: Pink Fuel – Skye – Pink Sugar

Blazer: Decoy – Hooded Blazer Pink

Tube Top: CUPCAKES – Heart Tube Top Dress (Not completely shown on pic)


Dressing up w/ U&R Dogs

Published August 8, 2012 by Cheri Larnia

Hello all!

Sorry that I was away from SL for a while, to compensate that I would like to present some new and pretty items in our beloved SL fashion world! 🙂

First of all, it’s the new release from my favorite jewelry brand U&R Dogs. If you have been my regular reader, you should know very well that U&R Dogs designs are characterized by their delicateness and user-friendliness. Now perhaps it’s time to add another word to that – versatility, because the latest design from Uta and Ruriko is a infinity-in-1 ring! What a shame that we only got 10 fingers on our hands! (jk lol)

Blog #66 - Dressing up w/ U&R Dogs - B

Relax, an infinity-in-1 ring does not come from outerspace and is nowhere near Saturn (lol). I’m saying that because the Turandot Ring from U&R Dogs has up to 11 parts for you to combine and create your unique ring. Same as other options like full-brightness and Resizing, just a click on the scripted menu and your finger is ready to be accessorized by your unique design. I wore the silver version on the picture, and a gold variation is also available.

Blog #66 - Dressing up w/ U&R Dogs - A

Another great design from the same store is the Cembalo Pierced Earrings. As versatile as the Turandot Ring, the gems on the earrings are color-changeable in 3×5 = 15 colours! I’ve shown the gold version of the earrings, a silver version and vintage version is available as well.

You can find the above new releases in the U&R Dogs booth at the Vintage Fair.

Have fun shopping! 🙂


Jewelry: U&R Dogs @ Vintage Fair – Turandot Ring (Silver) /Cembalo Pierced Earrings (Gold)

Skin: Al Vulo @ The Dressing Room – Candy – Summer Sunset skin

Hair: Fri. – Eloise – Moody Brown

Clothings: [Pink Outfitters] – Socialite Romper (copper)

Eyes: Poetic Colors – past freebie, not available now but there’s a new freebie in store.

Prim lashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Lashes – Pure

Skin Review – Bee by My Uglydorothy

Published July 12, 2012 by Cheri Larnia

I haven’t done a skin review in ages, but that does not make me less of a skin addict! >:]

This time I’m doing a review on Bee by My Uglydorothy.

Blog - My Uglydorothy Bee Skin Review #2

Blog - My Uglydorothy Bee Skin Review #1

Okay so some facts first. Bee is a new release skin from My Uglydorothy, comes in 3 skin tones (Salmon, Burly and Saddle) – from what I see it ranges from a very pale tone to a somehow sunkissed tone. Each pack contains 9 skins – 8 with different makeup and 1 base skin, and 2 eyebrow color options in tattoo layer (in brown and dark brown).

The skin tones included in are not very dark as the darkest tone available for Bee is Saddle, which according to my standard only a slightly sunkissed tone. For those looking for darker tones, perhaps other skins can satisfy your needs. As for me who normally wear fair skins, that’s not a problem. My favourite tone is Burly, which is the intermediate tone.

There’s no makeup options on tattoo layers, in other words all 8 makeups are painted directly on the skin layer. I know tattoo layer lovers may say it’s a pity, but I actually like this – so I don’t have to think about how to arrange the makeup layers and stuff (especially on my slow computer the fewer tattoo layers the better). And if you really want to use another makeup you can always overlay it on top of the base skin without any painted makeup 🙂

Like most of the skins I bought recently, Bee gives a soft and feminine look to the wearer. I especially love her lips – glossy and juicy. The cheek blush on each skin also match with the lip color and the shadows goes well with my shape. I can say i’m pleased with this skin 🙂

You can grab a demo here at My Uglydorothy mainstore. Have fun shopping!


Skin: My Uglydorothy – Bee – Burly tone

Hair: Fri. – Marie – Scornful Red (With flower)

Dress: .: vive9 :. – Boho Tiered Maxi in Blossom

Necklace: [U&R Dogs] – Xerxes Necklace Gold

Eye: IKON – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Arabian Blue Light

Heaven’s Gate – a heaven for newcomers

Published July 8, 2012 by Cheri Larnia

Hello all! It has been a while since I did my last freebie post.

And recently I found this location called Heaven’s Gate – filled with group gifts, dollarbies and lucky boards!

Shown below is one of the group gift skin I found there… a really nice skin for SL newcomers!

The skin is named Norika. Apart from the lip colour shown above, there’s also a pink variation offered as group gift.

You can find the skin here at the Heaven’s Gate Group Gift wall, group join is by touching the purple rotating balls nearby.


Do remember to explore the sim a bit! You can find freebies, dollarbies and LOADS OF LUCKY BOARDS around.

You can easily spot the lucky boards even with a 64m visible distance from the landing point.

Not to mention there’s another wall filled with free stuffs for beginners under 30 days.

It’s a place with nice goodies for both ladies and guys – worth recommending to SL newcomers!

Teleport: Heaven’s Gate landing point


Skin: Heaven’s Gate – Group Gift Norika Red (tattoo included)

Hair: [e] – Rumor 2 – brown 08

Prim Lashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Lashes – Pure

Eyes: Poetic Colors – past freebie, not available now but there’s a new freebie in store.

You need more Turandot!

Published July 3, 2012 by Cheri Larnia

Due to the great response from customers, U&R Dogs released Turandot necklace and earrings!

Together with the Turandot bracelets (Blogged before) they make a great jewelry set!

Seems like Ruriko and Uta do read minds… because I am one of them who wants more from the Turandot line! 😀

U&R Dogs - Turandot Set

Same as the bracelet it comes with resize and fullbright options!

It’s not the first time I’ve mentioned this, but for a person who hate the drag and drop resize (like me) these options are brilliant 😀

And they all come in 4 colours – Soda, Milk, Cinnamon and Grape. The earring even comes with an EXTRA colour of Pomegranate.

You may notice I wear none of the above mentioned colours – because shown above is the special colour Silver!

You can find them in the Special Turandot Set Silver, which exclusively includes a matching ring.

I’m not going to show the ring so you can have the fun to explore the shop and look at it yourself 😀

Here’s LM to U&R Dogs mainstore – where the new releases and hunt are located.


Jewelry: U&R Dogs – Turandot Set Sliver (includes necklace, earrings, ring – ring not shown)

Skin: (AMD) – Heather

Hair: Fri. – Dylan


P.S: As extra news, a new color of Turandot Bracelet (along with 2 other designs) is being put aside for Customer Thank You Gift.

It’s like a score system which you earn points when you buy U&R jewelry, then you can redeem gifts using the points.

At the moment they are having a point hunt at the store so you don’t need to spend to earn points 🙂 Worth checking out eh?

Comeback post part 2 – Mona!

Published June 10, 2012 by Cheri Larnia

Hello all!

So let’s proceed to the part two of my grand (?!) comeback post!

These comeback posts features some of my favourite brands… 🙂

Entre Mares may sound new to regular readers because this is the first time I do a post on this brand, but I have been noticing it for AGES.

Generally, Entre Mares dresses are just the pieces I need for my princess/ballroom mood, and I totally love the drapes, pattern and shadowing of its dresses.

Comeback Post Part 2 - Mona from Entre Mares

This is the new release of Entre Mares, Mona. I must say it’s one of my dream dresses!

Apart from the drapes and pattern, I really like that Mona comes in many colours including black, red, white and blue (shown in pic).

If I feel passionate I can wear red, and if I want to be elegant I can always go for black right? 😀


Dress: Entre Mares – Mona (Blue)

Hair: [e] – Blind – Brown 04

Skin: (AMD) – Heather – Pale – Tuesday

Zaara Sale!

Published June 9, 2012 by Cheri Larnia


So I planned to continue my comeback post part2 featuring some brands I really really like…

but I was distracted by the annual Zaara 50% off sale, so I’m doing this post first instead.

Ah… Zaara, it’s probably the first decent brand I came across in my newbie era.

I still remember how surprised I was, when I first went into Zaara and saw all the realistic clothes and magnificent buildings in the store.

It does bring back a lot of memory… 🙂

So here’s something you can find in Zaara IN HALF PRICE (faints), ending on June 9 .

Let the picture speaks!

Zaara Sale!

-Credits (From left to right)-

Clothings: All from Zaara

Fulvari *Green* // La femme Turtleneck *white*, Jeans {classic} *blue* (Showing slouchy style, pack includes wide and straight style also) // Mishti tank *apricot*, Larin Skirt *wine* //Mrinali *pistachio*

Hair: Clawtooth – French Connection – Girl Next Door //[e] Say – Brown 01  // !lamb. – Soma -honeycomb // [e] Blind – Brown 02

Shoes: ::{u.f.o}:: rainy rainy boots (previous hunt item, not available now) // *Kookie* -Powder Puff ‘ Spikeys ‘// [PM] Freya Flats – Brown (Not sold as a single item but is included in every colour variation pack) // *GF* Strap Sandal “Floria” -Pink Tulip- (Limited colour variation, not available now but other colours can be found in store)

Skin: (AMD) Arabell – Pale – Bare